"let them eat cake"

We are Renee and Claire and we are smitten with our Cavoodle Gus - our brand ambassador. All the furbabies we have ever owned have changed our lives furever!

Renee has a medical background with years of experience in nursing people back to health. Always having a special bond with animals from an early age, she has rescued and loved countless souls, including a 3 legged cat called Ray, a dog called Redmund, Lucky the black lab and Boomer, just to mention a few. 

Claire’s passion for party planning helps keep her centered and balanced, and gives her a creative outlet that she loves as an escape from her stressful and demanding career in insurance. Her love of animals also started early, from a German Shepherd called Frin, to a Rottweiler called Brutus, and her 17 year old Siamese cats named Hunter and Alexandra.

There have been many special animals over the years, but it wasn’t until Gus came along almost 4 years ago that things got interesting. When our perspective changed from trying to ‘fix’ Gus to loving Gus, accepting who he is and working with him through his fears, our relationship blossomed. We desperately searched for ways we could become better people for him, and to teach him to trust us to take care of him. Our mission was to give him a life filled with happiness and unconditional love - a life each and every furbaby should have.

And with that, Let’s Pawty was born. 

We often use the term “Cavoodled”. This is how we describe Gus’s infiltration into our hearts and what has prompted us to create Let’s Pawty. It’s about celebrating your companion. Like we celebrate our pup.  Dogs live in the moment, not thinking of yesterday or tomorrow. How wonderful if we could all take a page from their playbooks.


Let’s Pawty will make your fur baby’s special day one to remember with our complete party planning service. It is the perfect way to celebrate your pup’s birthday, gotcha day, rescue day or perhaps the day you were rescued. Give them a party and invite a few of their closest furiends, to have a play in your back yard where they feel safe and the environment is controlled. 

Let’s Pawty only caters with the highest quality food made with the freshest ingredients. Positive social interactions, enrichment games, puzzles and other stimulus toys are just a few ways Let’s Pawty creates a special day for your furbaby.  


We often hear people who want to celebrate their fur baby-  but they are time poor or don’t know where to begin. That’s where we come in. Let us transform your back yard into a special setting to celebrate with your loved ones. . .

and Let' The Pawty Begin.


Left to right: Renee, Gus and Claire